The Value of life

My lecturer ever told me a story, in this story there are two little boys. Call them Tom and Jerry. They get chance to enter a beautiful large candy park. That park is full candy.

There are many kind of candy there. They may take candy that they want. When the gate opened, Tom directly run and take every candy which he looks and put it in his bag. He does it until his bag is full and go out.

In other hand, when the gate opened jerry isn’t in hurry to get many candy. He is taking candy enjoyable. He takes one candy and taste it. He tastes every candy that he looks. There are many taste of candy.

There are a sweet candy, sour candy or sometimes bitter candy.
So, what can we catch from this story? It is like in our life. Tom, he likes someone who doesn’t enjoy his life.

Maybe he gets more than jerry but he never knows the taste. he want get everything. Like someone who always work, work and work. okai he gets a lot of money, but he never use it to enjoy his life.

Nevertheless Jerry, maybe he doesn’t get many candy but he knows the taste every candy. He is different from Tom, absolutely he works too, but he doesn't spend his life just for working. He enjoys his life, sometimes he gathers with his family or his friend.

In my opinion to measure the value of life isn't abaut how rich you are, how success you are, or how many targets did you get.

to measure the value of life is just abaout ho to make your life is full of happinese, how to make your life is colorfull, how to make your life is usefull to the others. because the best people is someone who is usefull to the others

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